FearLess: Virtual Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management Skills Class
Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we will address excessive worrying through exploring how our thought patterns work. We will learn new techniques and gain insights that will allow us to spend more of our time on actions that bring value and meaning into our lives. (Information on how to access the online platform will be provided via email following registration).
Cost: $420
Format: 8 Weeks | 1x per week 90m group sessions
Instructor: Luke Smith, LMSW | Peachtree Cognitive Center
Applications & Beyond 
This Virtual class is designed for graduates of the 4 week FearLess program, and will meet once weekly for 90 minutes to focus on the application of the skills learned in FearLess. We will also be learning additional CBT techniques and skills.
Cost: $280
Format: 4 Weeks | 1x per week 90m group sessions
Instructor: Luke Smith, LMSW | Peachtree Cognitive Center
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