Distress Tolerance Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp style classes for Distress Tolerance consist of four, two and a half hour sessions, Monday through Thursday. Combined with our Mindfulness Seminar this four day Boot Camp style class allows participants to complete an entire module, typically an eight week course, in one weeks time. The cost of the Distress Tolerance Boot Camp module is $585.

Boot Camp is offered to participants who are already connected with a therapist at Peachtree DBT/Peachtree Psychiatric Professionals and to those with providers in the community.

Individuals interested in Boot Camp with a provider in the community must also register for the Mindfulness Seminar. Mindfulness skills are the foundational skills of DBT and are necessary for the understanding of the subsequent modules.

Distress Tolerance Schedule

June 11th through June 14th; 9:30am-12:00pm

July 9th through July 12th: 9:30am-12:00pm


Registration is now open! Please complete our online form or contact 404-351-2008 to register.