Brave Parenting

The next round of Brave Parenting will begin June 4th.

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We are pleased to offer a parenting course for parents of explosive, inflexible, or hyperactive children and adolescents.
Being a challenge to parent, these children can leave you frustrated by the lack of change in the face of traditional parenting styles, often taking their toll on the family system as a whole.

The objective of this course is to equip parents with the necessary skills to promote change within their children when their children lack the skills to respond to traditional parenting techniques.

This course can act as a starting point for overwhelmed parents, or as an adjunctive course to help parents reinforce the important work being done in their child’s individual therapy or skills training.

For our children and adolescents, learning new skills in therapy is as important as the parents’ ability to model and reinforce those skills in the home!

Course Details:

  • Length: 9 weeks, Tuesdays 12-1:30pm (course will take breaks for national holidays and area spring breaks)
  • Cost: $75 per meeting, $675 paid upfront as tuition
  • This is a parents/caretakers only class, all parents/caretakers from the family are included in 1 tuition.

Course Curriculum addresses the following areas:

  • Increasing flexibility and decreasing meltdowns
  • Prioritizing goals
  • Collaborative problem solving with your child
  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Clear and effective parental communication

Feedback from past sessions of Brave Parenting:

"Extremely useful class. You only get one chance to make a lasting positive influence so this class is a must"

"This class was extremely life-giving and encouraging to me. The tools that I have been taught are very applicable and have truly changed the way I parent all of my children. The class has taught me to be more curious than certain with myself first and then my child. This class has given me so many tools for lovingly parenting my children."

"Such a helpful course. Beyond expectation. Learning so many skills while gaining support Ashlyn and the other parents"

"We have tried everything and this is the only thing that has really given us traction"

“In this class, I found a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor paired with parents walking similar paths. It has been a tremendous source of support.”

"Brave Parenting is a great class - full of a lot of helpful information. I completed the class feeling ready and much more prepared to tackle adversity."

Course Curriculum based on:

  • The Explosive Child by Ross Greene, Ph.D.
  • Treating Explosive Kids by Ross Greene, Ph.D. and Stuart Ablon, Ph.D.
  • Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions by Pat Harvey, LCSW and Jeanine Penzo, LICSW
  • Taming the Spirited Child by Michael Popkin, Ph.D.
  • Active Parenting by Michael Popkin. Ph.D.  
  • Setting Limits With Your Strong Willed Child, Robert J. MacKenzie, Ed.D