Cost and Payment FAQs

How do I pay for appointments?

We do require that payment is made at the time of service. You can check out at our front desk in order to pay for an appointment or a past balance. Past due balances can additionally be paid online via our "Pay a Bill" page. For your convenience, we recommend having a card on file as this expedites check out and saves you time! 

Our practice does not accept insurance. For more information about check out our Insurance FAQs!


How much are individual therapy sessions?

Your individual DBT sessions will begin with a 2 hour intake assessment, and the following individual therapy sessions are 50 minute appointments.

  • 2 hour intake assessment: $348
  • 50 minute individual therapy sessions: $174


What is the cost for the DBT skills classes?

Each DBT skills class module consists of eight 90 minute classes ($75 dollars per class). A case management fee is included in class tuition for participants with outside therapists who are not with Peachtree DBT ($80). There is an additional $25 administration fee if payment is made after the registration period deadline.

  • Eight week DBT skills class module: $705 ($680 for early bird registration).
  • Eight week DBT skills class module with an outside therapist : $760 


What is the cost for the Summer Bootcamp DBT skills classes?

Our “Boot Camp” style classes consist of a one-day mindfulness seminar and three different four-day skills modules. You can choose which modules to take or complete all four DBT modules in a month.

  • Mindfulness Seminar: $185
  • Monday-Thursday Bootcamp DBT class modules: $595 each


What is the cost for the ADHD Mindfulness Group?

The ADHD six week mindfulness group is offered for children where they can participate in a hands on, interactive approach.

  • Six Week ADHD Mindfulness Class: $600