Class Online Registration and Payment

Brave Parenting 9 Week Class (registration open)

Registration for the brave parenting 9 week class is now open. These 1hr 30min classes will start on June 4th on Tuesdays at 12pm.  Scroll down to register. For details please see our Brave Parenting Class Page.

DBT Summer Bootcamp (registration open)

 DBT Boot Camp registration is open for all modules except for the June Mindfulness Seminar and June Distress Tolerance class. Scroll down to register. For class details please see our DBT Boot Camp Page.

Emotion Regulation DBT 8 Week Skills Class (registration will open on June 17th)

Registration for the DBT 8 week skills class will open on June 17th. Class will begin the week of July 15th and ends the week of September 2nd. For clients with outside therapists, registration for this module will close on July 1st. For clients with therapists at Peachtree DBT, registration for this module will close on July 5th. For more details visit our DBT Skills Class page

Patient Information
If participant is under 18, name of parent or guardian.
Name of participant's current individual therapist within Peachtree DBT or within the community. Additional forms will be requested for those participants with a therapist within the community.
Optional. If the participant's phone is different than the payer's.
If participant is a student, please enter the school or university where he/she is currently enrolled.
Please note participant's grade level if applicable.
Class Type and Preferences
Please select the class you wish to attend.
Please select the class(es) to attend. Remember that the mindfulness seminar is required for participants who have not attended a past DBT skills class.
It is required to enroll the the mindfulness seminar if you have not yet attended a DBT skills class. It is additionally recommended to attend the seminar prior to the selected Boot Camp(s).
Payment Details
Person who will be submitting payment
For the 8 week DBT Skills Class: If the patient's therapist is not a part of Peachtree DBT, there is an additional fee ($80) due to weekly correspondence and case management between the DBT class instructor and primary therapist.
I agree and consent to participation and the terms and conditions. I understand my registration will not be complete until payment is received. I also understand and agree that if I miss any or drop out of class for any reason, I will not be reimbursed.
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