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Interpersonal Process Group (Virtual)

The Peachtree Cognitive Center will be offering a 8-week group that will provide members an opportunity to enhance their interpersonal skills and effectiveness. Members will be challenged to provide and receive feedback from the facilitators and other group members dynamically and in-the-moment. This group offering is ideal for those hoping to enrich their social lives, those struggling to initiate or maintain interpersonal connections, or for those simply looking to gain more insight, awareness, and competence as it pertains to their interpersonal lives. A free 30 minute phone assessment to ensure that the group is a mutually good fit. 
Registration will open soon for this group. To get more information, contact us using the link below, and we'll reach out to you shortly. 
Date and Time
3-4:30 PM Thursdays
Start date will be tentatively scheduled upon group filling 
8 weeks | 1x per week  
90min Virtual Group Sessions 
$75/session for a total of $600 
Maria Silva, PsyD | Peachtree Cognitive Center