Let's Keep the Party Going

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December is always a busy month, filled with travel, gifts and holiday parties. Before we know it, the month and the 11 months that precede it are over and we are faced with another year, filled with the unknown, both positives and negatives. I always think of January as dreary and uneventful and definitely a time of “blah.” A recent article in Huffington Post discussed some ways to keep the holiday feeling even into the New Year.

One of the intriguing ways the article mentions to continue the holiday feeling is by sending cards and thank you notes. I have loved getting my friends’ holiday cards in the mail, many of whom I don’t hear from throughout the year (except through Facebook). While it does not happen often these days, I still love getting cards and letters in the mail. Continuing this practice throughout the year is also a DBT skill called contributing. In a nutshell, it makes us feel good to do something for someone else. Sometimes knowing that someone else took the time to write us a note can elicit those positive emotions on both ends. This can also extend into baking someone cookies or even sending a text message, wishing someone a good day.

The other suggestion that I love is to take time off. December, while it is a hectic time, is also a somewhat slower time and it is easier to take time off from work and responsibilities around the holidays. January is a great time of year to plan your vacation. We spend so much time looking forward to the holiday season that keeping that feeling of anticipation and excitement can be challenging. We need the time to recharge and regroup during other times of the year, and planning a vacation can be something to look forward to in the future. I’ve already started planning my family’s vacation and the hard part now is reminding my kids that we still have several months to get through before it comes.

There are many different emotions that accompany the holiday season. December and the holidays can hands deliver opportunities for excitement. If we can keep that feeling going through the rest of the year, it can make the rest of the year a lot more manageable.