High of 90 with a Chance of Screaming

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 Welcome summer! Where in Atlanta that means the temperature is hot and tempers can be even hotter! If your family struggles with conflict, having everyone at home for the summer can mean more fighting that makes you wish we were back in Snowmageddon 2014. On the other hand, without the stress of school, you may find your family fights less under the lowered demands of summer.  Either way, DBT skills are important not only for the individual but also to make the whole family work in an effective way. Studies have shown that even if children are never engaged in treatment, having just one member of the family (ie: parents, caretakers, etc.) engaged in learning new skills, the whole family can make a shift. So if your family is feeling the heat, and you’re feeling burnt out with the lack of change- try mixing things up with skills for the parents instead! 


Brave Parenting is a 9-week course for parents of explosive, inflexible, and ADD/ADHD children.

DBT-C is a family based DBT program focused on emotion regulation and includes a parent component in addition to the individual DBT for the child and family skills training.  

Individual Parent Coaching is offered for parenting skills and support.