Put it down! Your phone, that is.

Ashlyn Ayers Ellington's picture

I can feel parents praising and adolescents cringing from here. But its true! We all need to work on putting our phones down, myself included. Adults and children alike are addicted to their phones and we are paying a heavy price for it. Standing in line for food? Look at your phone. Alone with no one to talk to? Look busy with your phone.  Bored? Phone. Sad? Phone. Happy? Gotta share it on your PHONE!

While I could talk for days about the many costs of our electronic addiction … what I’ve been focusing on most recently is the loss of those sweet, spontaneous moments that happen in relationships or by ourselves when we are forced to be present without constant distraction. By leaning into true unstructured, undistracted time we grow in our skillfulness of tolerating discomfort, being present, and communicating face to face. So put it down, turn it off, plug it in across the room (we all know its on low battery anyways). Be present with your spouse, your friend, your child, your dog, or maybe just yourself.