Success Training: ADHD Skills Class and Coaching

Build back positive momentum for the new year! For both adolescents and adults, the Success Training program presents executive functioning, organizational, and time management strategies to boost productivity, increase motivation, and improve focus especially within the context of the current crisis. 
Skills Class Series 
The class has been updated for the new year and will include (4) 3 week modules. You can pick and choose which ones they would like to attend.  The overall program is 12 weeks and all participants may start executive functioning coaching after completing their first 3 week module. The skills series is also provided within tailored individual format upon request. For more information about the individual track, please contact us.  
*Module 2 has been moved to now start the week of June 14th*
Foundational Module 1 (May 10 - May 28)
  • Goal Setting: Identifying Your Process
  • Motivation: Reinforcing Discipline
  • Task Initiation: Making Tasks Manageable
Foundational Module 2 (June 14 - July 2)
  • Structure: Building Consistency
  • Planning: Time Management
  • Organization: Increasing focus and efficiency
Foundational Module 3 (July 5 - July 23)
  • Goal Setting: Identifying Your Process
  • Motivation: Adaptive thinking and Overcoming Failure
  • Task Initiation: Getting Comfortable with Discomfort 
Foundational Module 4 (July 26 - Aug 13)
  • Structure: Self-care and Balance
  • Planning: Prioritizing the Big Picture
  • Organization: Making the Environment Work for You
Cost: $300 per module 
Times: 11-13yo (5pm-6pm Mon and Fri) | 14-17yo (4pm-5pm Mon and Fri) | 18yo+ (9am-10am Mon and Fri)
Format: 3 weeks per module | 2x60min group sessions per week via Zoom
Instructor: Simon Fragakis, LPC | Peachtree Cognitive Center
Daily Coaching
Daily one-on-one 10min coaching is offered to build mastery and accountability towards your daily goals. All participants may start executive functioning coaching after completing their first 3 week module.  For all participants, a 30min orientation is provided during the first coaching session. Early morning coaching is offered 6am-8am for an additional $5 per session. If wanting to start executive functioning coaching earlier, please contact us. There is no limit to how long you can use EYS coaching. Each participant will have their own digital personalized profile which they can use to monitor their progress and objectives. 
Cost: $87 30min orientation | $30 (+$5 6-8am) 10min coaching sessions
Ages: 11-13yo, 14-17yo, 18yo+
Format: 5x per week or 3x per week 10min coaching sessions. 
Available Offerings
See information above for scheduling changes due to Holidays.
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