Embrace Your Space: Organization and Time Management Virtual Skills Group

A virtual skills group to maximize organization and time management 
Navigating through the recent changes and disruptions have been more than difficult! To address the these lifestyle transitions, we have adapted and developed our organization and time management skills group to an entirely virtual format. This skills group presents executive functioning, organizational, and time management strategies to help restructure your goals and boost productivity especially within the context of the current crisis.
Cost: $400
Format: 2x60min group sessions per week | 4 weeks via Zoom
Instructor: Simon Fragakis, APC | Peachtree Cognitive Center
Please contact us if the available times do not work for you.
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For the 8 week DBT Skills Class: If the patient's therapist is not a part of Peachtree DBT, there is an additional fee ($80) due to weekly correspondence and case management between the DBT class instructor and primary therapist.
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