Make self care a priority

Michelle Manne's picture

Because there is so much focus on our phones these days, we can pretty much always find a charger close by to ensure that our battery will not run low. Whether we’re at home, in the car, at a doctor’s appointment, or on the go, we make sure we have our phone charged and ready to go, or at least a power source nearby to plug it in. So how come we let ourselves run so low and drain our batteries? We need to start treating ourselves like we do our phones and make sure we engage in self care that helps give us a boost throughout the day, back up when we’re getting run down, and not let ourselves get into the dreaded “red zone.” For me, that self care is in the form of exercise, reading a book, going for a walk, being silly with my kids, cuddling with my dogs, spending time with my friends and family, planning and/or going on a vacation, eating my favorite food, going out to a yummy restaurant, getting a massage. The list can be endless. It is important to identify daily activities for self care to keep us charged all day and week long. Self care is more important than ever during this current pandemic crisis. Find an activity to do each day to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority.