Take Time to Relax

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When I arrived at my office this morning, I did what most people normally do: turn on the computer and check my e-mail. It was interesting to me this morning, that I pulled up an e-mail from Behavioral Tech, an organization founded by Marsha Linehan, who developed DBT. This article focused on muscle relaxation. During a week where stress was probably at an all-time high, to find this article was needless to say, ironic. The article guides you through exactly how to relax your body, and how it helps not only when you are really anxious, but also when things are more or less okay. We can all benefit from feeling a little more relaxed. What I liked most about the article is that it says that you can relax yourself wherever you are, even in public. So in the spirit of the holidays, take a few of these tips and keep them handy. When you are fighting for the last parking space at the mall or waiting in a long line to see Santa. Or even when you think about those family members coming to your home. These tips might help getting through those moments a little easier.


Progressive Relaxation for the Holidays

Vinitha Pastor, M.A., L.P.C. Intensively Trained DBT Therapist