Welcome to Peachtree DBT

We are Atlanta and Georgia's largest Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) practice with twelve Intensively Trained clinicians and clinical associates. Peachtree DBT also provides DBT skills training and classes as well as other therapy, counseling and support services. We offer skills classes over a wide area of needs including middle school, high school and college ages; and, various adult needs including anxiety, depression, stress management and borderline personality behavior.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a research-supported treatment that focuses on learning and then refining skills leading to more positive behavioral, emotional, and thinking patterns. DBT explores techniques to calm and center thinking. These skills are then applied to centering thinking while under stress with the final goal of reducing the level of distress in our lives. We invite you to learn more about DBT, our programs, staff and classes. Also, our clinicians regularly post new articles regarding integrating DBT and various DBT techniques into every day living. We hope you find the articles motivating and thought provoking. Also, take some time to check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us. Peachtree DBT is a subsidiary of Peachtree Psychiatric Professionals, P.C.



Latest Offerings

Brought to you by our experienced clinicians, these trainings and workhops serve to bring you a higher understanding of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and its use in clinical practice. These events are reserved only for clinicians and students. 
The DBT Advanced process group is for any adult clients (18+) who want the opportunity to obtain support and encouragement while also refining and strengthening their DBT skill set. The DBT Advanced Process Group will start on 1/7/2020 and will be held weekly from 1:30pm - 3pm moving forward. Registration and payment must be completed monthly on the first of the month.

Registration will open soon! This module introduces tools to express beliefs and needs, set limits and negotiate solutions to problems in order to building and maintain positive relationships.