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Screen Time Monitoring Apps and Programs

If your New Year’s resolution is to have fewer screens in your life- you’re not alone! I have heard from so many families (including my own) that a major goal of 2019 is to decrease screen time. The Screenagers Movie is not only an incredible documentary on screens in our culture, but also provides ongoing resources regarding technology. They just released their 2019 list of screen time management apps for parents and families looking for more control over technology. See below for a wide variety of management programs.

Screentime management Apps:

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Put it down! Your phone, that is.

I can feel parents praising and adolescents cringing from here. But its true! We all need to work on putting our phones down, myself included. Adults and children alike are addicted to their phones and we are paying a heavy price for it. Standing in line for food? Look at your phone. Alone with no one to talk to? Look busy with your phone.  Bored? Phone. Sad? Phone. Happy? Gotta share it on your PHONE!

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The Burgeoning Battle

Although no one actually says it, there seems to still be a distinct stigma surrounding many discussions on the subject of recovery from substance abuse and addiction. In our current world of mental health exploration and discovery, where the presence of Prozac commercials and Abilify ads now appear to be ‘the norm’, one of the quickest ways to stop a conversation in its tracks is to bring up the topic of addiction. How can a conversation about chemical recovery still evoke hushed whispers, a nudge and ‘that’ look? What will it take to change this surreptitious stance we have?

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Sobriety Amid the Summer Soirees

Ahhhh, summertime – here it comes. The start of the summer season is marked by Memorial Day and the official kick off is this weekend. So, what does that mean? For many it means sun, fun, vacation, backyard barbeques, time by the pool, spending time at the beach, outdoor concerts, and baseball games … sometimes it also means alcohol or other substances to accompany these events.

However, for those engaged in addiction/recovery, national holidays, such as Memorial Day weekend, can prove to be equally or even more challenging than day to day activities. The pressure to comply with and conform to others who choose alcohol during this weekend’s upcoming events may be overwhelming. How can one make an individualized, healthy choice while supporting sobriety during this first summer social? Those who have worked with Peachtree DBT know the answer to this question: we have DBT skills for that!

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The Siren Song of Sugar

 If we think, for one moment, that the effects elicited by that little 5 letter word is as innocuous as its size on paper then we may be setting ourselves up for disaster. Yes, there I’ve said it and yes, I’m talking about sugar!

Sugar (and its many derivatives) is a powerful substance. With its effects rivaling the likes of many illegal substances, including heroin as well as cocaine, sugar is said to be a very addictive substance.

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Truth, Lies and Addiction

Now that the 'Holidaze' are over and  2013 is here, many are thinking about change. For individuals engaged in active addiction, this may be a time of reflection;  thinking of a *new* start: a time to end the addiction process. However, as many who have been a part of this 'recovery process' before, the statement, "I'll believe it when I see it" may come to mind.

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Addiction​, Recovery and The Holidaze

The 'Holidaze' are a stressful time; full of pent up emotions and often resulting in very intense interactions between family members and those we are closest to. For those in addiction/recovery, the holidaze, may mean a tenuous time filled with the possibility of relapse. According to the following article by Carole Bennett, The 4 Most Common Causes of Addiction Relapse, she identifies boredom and fear as 2 of the 4 main reasons for relapse during the holidaze. 

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