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As we go into the holidays, now is a great time to take a fresh look at boundaries; why we have them, and how they can be both kind and loving. Here's a video on boundaries from one of my favorite social workers, authors, and researchers, Brene Brown.

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Saying “No” Can Actually Mean Saying “Yes”

“No” is a word that most humans, of all ages, resist. Why? Because we don’t like to be told what to do, or to feel rejected. At the same time, there is much evidence to support boundaries in life and how they actually serve to make us stronger in the long term. If you are anything like me, I often feel guilty for saying no to others. Recently, someone told me “saying ‘no’ to one thing allows you the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to something else.” Woah! My mind was blown!

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Holiday Boundaries

The holidays inevitably seem to test our boundaries, particularly with family members. It can be so difficult deciding which set of family members/friends to spend your holiday with, or if your like me, wondering if you should try to make multiple stops throughout the day to try to please everyone.  This can be especially difficult for children of divorce.

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