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As we go into the holidays, now is a great time to take a fresh look at boundaries; why we have them, and how they can be both kind and loving. Here's a video on boundaries from one of my favorite social workers, authors, and researchers, Brene Brown.

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Dialectical Crisis

NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: we as a nation, a society, a culture are in the midst of a dialectical crisis. We blame instead of seeking to find solutions to our problems. We shame and label one another rather than asking ourselves what it might be like to walk in our neighbor’s shoes. And I’m not just talking about this election, although the last 600+ days (no, I’m not exaggerating…fact checkers- start your engines) really have been a shining example of this.

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Truth, Lies and Addiction

Now that the 'Holidaze' are over and  2013 is here, many are thinking about change. For individuals engaged in active addiction, this may be a time of reflection;  thinking of a *new* start: a time to end the addiction process. However, as many who have been a part of this 'recovery process' before, the statement, "I'll believe it when I see it" may come to mind.

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