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Screen Time Monitoring Apps and Programs

If your New Year’s resolution is to have fewer screens in your life- you’re not alone! I have heard from so many families (including my own) that a major goal of 2019 is to decrease screen time. The Screenagers Movie is not only an incredible documentary on screens in our culture, but also provides ongoing resources regarding technology. They just released their 2019 list of screen time management apps for parents and families looking for more control over technology. See below for a wide variety of management programs.

Screentime management Apps:

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How to talk to your kids about scary news - Screenagers Article

In a world where we are all inundated by news instantly on our phones, I found this article helpful and hope you do too!

An article originally shared by:

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Get Free!

Living with PTSD and/or anxiety can be like swimming in the ocean with no land in sight – it can make us feel small and helpless despite our best efforts to swim ashore. Often, feeling disoriented and without a sense of direction, we spend a lot of time treading water in an effort to stay afloat which leaves us exhausted and run-down. If you have ever experienced anxiety or PTSD, you know the feeling – “I want to feel different, I want to get past this, but sometimes I feel like I am running into a wall over an over again, at full speed.”

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Biofeedback: Areas of Effectiveness

Many people pursue biofeedback in order to treat either anxiety or sleep issues, which can many times be connected. Biofeedback is a very effective technique in both of these areas, along with many others. Today I wanted to take some time to explain some of the other benefits of using biofeedback! Lets break out of the box a little and see what else biofeedback can help with.


Other areas biofeedback techniques may be effective in:

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Trauma & Anxiety Clinic

I am so excited to announce the launch of Peachtree DBT’s new Trauma and Anxiety Clinic! Peachtree DBT is now offering EMDR treatment, PE treatment and a DBT-PE track as resources for clients who suffer from the challenges associated with overcoming a traumatic event. These services are available to clients who are currently in our DBT program and those who have therapists in the community who want to do short term trauma work and continue working with their current therapist.

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The Power of Mindful Breathing

Last night, as I was trolling facebook, I came across an article on the power of mindful breathing. In the article the author, Alina Gonzalez, described a technique she referred to as  “4-7-8 breathing”. Intrigued I read further.

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The Power of Pets

We have all heard about the mystical stress relieving benefits associated with spending time with our pets, whether they be cats or dogs. But what about a pig, donkey or even chickens? A recent article in Whole Living magazine, “Animal Magnetism” explores the therapeutic relationship that we humans form with our four-legged friends.

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