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Destigmatizing mental illness one athlete at a time

The Players Tribune is an online platform where athletes provide first-hand accounts of their experiences. It has recently published several articles about the struggles athletes have faced with their mental health. They address issues such as childhood abuse, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and OCD and bring with it vulnerability and rawness that is needed when discussing mental health issues. Athletes at the top of their game can also struggle with things that many of us experience today and encourage others to get help.

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The Game of Life

As an avid football and baseball fan, I can't help but feel a lull between the Super Bowl and Opening Day of baseball, when all you hear about is March Madness and that sport with the guys on ice skates with the sticks. This lull has given me some time to think about how the concept of mindfulness comes into play not only in my experience as a fan but also the players' experience as well. When I attend sporting events, I find that nothing outside the event maintains my focus or bothers me, as I am completely wrapped up in touchdowns, penalties, home runs and strikeouts.

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