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How to talk to your kids about scary news - Screenagers Article

In a world where we are all inundated by news instantly on our phones, I found this article helpful and hope you do too!

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Put it down! Your phone, that is.

I can feel parents praising and adolescents cringing from here. But its true! We all need to work on putting our phones down, myself included. Adults and children alike are addicted to their phones and we are paying a heavy price for it. Standing in line for food? Look at your phone. Alone with no one to talk to? Look busy with your phone.  Bored? Phone. Sad? Phone. Happy? Gotta share it on your PHONE!

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Back to Dreaded School

It’s that time of year again! Back to school! Everyone is super pumped to get up early and get back at it… or not. This time of year can be like an emotional roller coaster.  I’m sure, most of you aren’t that excited to be grinding out long days in the classrooms again. At the same time, it can be pretty cool to see all of your friends again or maybe you were just starting to feel painfully bored. Regardless of how you feel, school is back and you’re in it for the long haul. So the question becomes: How do I balance the pleasant with the unpleasant?

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High of 90 with a Chance of Screaming

 Welcome summer! Where in Atlanta that means the temperature is hot and tempers can be even hotter! If your family struggles with conflict, having everyone at home for the summer can mean more fighting that makes you wish we were back in Snowmageddon 2014.

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Got Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Classes starting soon! Read more for details or to download a flyer.

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